Howie Carr's Stocking Sampler

Howie Carr's Stocking Sampler

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'Tis the season to start shopping! And there's no better gift for the "deplorable" in your life than The Howie Carr Show Stocking Sampler!

Each order comes with a random selection of two books by Howie Carr and two t-shirts! You pick the size, and we'll do the rest.

Your order could include:

  • Ratman (book)
  • Plug Uglies (book)
  • What Really Happened (book)
  • Proud to be a Deplorable (t-shirt)
  • Free America (t-shirt)
  • Buy American Support America (t-shirt)
  • Trump Forever (t-shirt)
  • COVID-19 Over BIDEN-20 (t-shirt)

Stocking Sampler orders will not include books from the Kennedy Babylon series