CHEAP BASTARD DEAL - AmeriClean Sanitizing

CHEAP BASTARD DEAL - AmeriClean Sanitizing

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President Trump calls COVID-19 "The Invisible Enemy."  AmeriClean Santizing has the tools to fight that enemy!  

AmeriClean Sanitizing is C.D.C Approved F.D.A. Registered, and their sanitizing hihglights include:

  • Kills 99.99999% of 428 different viruses
  • V.A.C. systems
  • Key boards
  • Phones
  • Under desk
  • Open drawers
  • Gets into virtually everything
  • Cost effective

Whether it's in Phase I, Phase II, or Phase II part 3 subsection F, keeping people safe is the key to a reopening world.   

While supplies last, you can get an AmeriClean Sanitizing Office or Home sanitation valued at $500 for just $250.00!  

Terms and Conditions:

  • up to 2,000 square feet

There are no returns on this Cheap Bastard Deal