CHEAP BASTARD DEAL - The Original Fliplok
CHEAP BASTARD DEAL - The Original Fliplok

CHEAP BASTARD DEAL - The Original Fliplok

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While supplies last, you can purchase The Original FlipLok (a $50 value) for just $25!
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  • 10X STRONGER THAN A DEADBOLT – Tests prove that FlipLok Residential withstands 1670 pounds of pressure, while FlipLok Commercial withstands 2600 pounds of pressure. In comparison, your average deadbolt has a rated strength of just 100 pounds of pressure. With FlipLok, it would take the most powerful intruder over about 1300 kicks to begin to wear down the lock! Also protects against entry from those with spare or pass keys
  • INSTANTLY TURNS ANY ROOM INTO A SAFEROOM – FlipLok flips, drops, and locks in a second turning your room into a saferoom. FlipLok is un-pickable, unbreakable and installs at any height – place higher than a toddler can reach for their safety, set appropriate height for kids and adults. FlipLok is also wheelchair friendly and ADA compliant.
  • INSTALLS IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES – FlipLok works on any inward swinging door and left to right opening doors. Just follow the simple instructions provided. Set your height, insert the screws and you are done! FlipLok operates with no electronics or batteries and is always ready and failure-proof. No need to replace your current door systems.
  • MADE FROM INDUSTRIAL GRADE ALUMINUM AND STAINLESS STEEL – FlipLok Home has a tensile strength of 27, 557 PSI (pounds per sq inch). Structural steel is rated 400-500 PSI. No intruder is going to get into your safe room.
  • FLIPLOK IS WOMEN-OWNED AND OPERATED – Anna Reger, and her husband John invented FlipLok after an active threat was a little too close to home. Too often women and family members do not have enough security in their own homes. Their goal was to create a simple and universal solution for security in the home, school, and office. FlipLok is a certified Women-Owned Business